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There are four different illumination products available for case lighting. The standard lighting is fluorescent. Other optional lighting includes halogen, fiberoptic, and LED. All of these lighting products are provided with dimmers and power cutoff.

Fluorescent fixtures of the T8 medium type are the standard case light with electronic ballast. Other fluorescents are available in T5 miniature, T2 sub miniature, and compact. Cases are wired for 110V power in the canopy section which will have a hinge and latch access panel. Case canopy lenses separate the light canopy section from the artifact section. They are provided with annealed glass with an applied shatter-proof UV film. Various diffusion lenses, plastic grids, aluminum grids, and valances are available. Fluorescents are offered with dimmable electronic ballast in a selection of lamp sizes.

Halogen light fixtures are track mounted and use 12V lamps that vary from spot, narrow, and flood and are available in various wattages. Halogen can be offered with dimmers, various baffles, and diffusion attachments. The case canopy is separated from the artifact area by panels of annealed glass with applied shatter-proof film that filters out UV rays. Optional diffusion grids are available to conceal and/or reduce light glare. Axial fans are mounted in the artifact case canopy to provide active ventilation for the heat generated by halogen lights.

Fiber optic lighting uses glass and acrylic fibers to transfer light from the light source to the artifact area. This form of light transmission transfers very low levels of UV and heat. Their halogen light sources have a dimming capability with varying lamp wattages. The various fittings that control the light from narrow spots to washes of light are offered as directional fittings. The cases have illuminators installed in the canopy section or in remote areas near the case in the gallery. Fiber optic down-light fittings are mounted in the case ceiling and side mounts in light tubes or bars.

LED lighting offers various light colors, including warm white, bright white and cool white. The LED lighting has a low power usage and last up to 50,000 hours. They are dimmable and have no UV rays and minimal heat generation. They are offered in many formats including light tracks, flexible strips, and narrow and wide projection. Custom applications can be designed to integrate the LED lighting in the cases.

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